The first 158 ​​Studio luxury costume jewelery boutique in Sorrento was born in 2016, exactly two years after the beginning, in May 2018, the Studio moved to the heart of the historic center of Sorrento, in what was a renowned jewelery shop over the years 1970s with the characteristic external checkerboard façade in black and white marble. The space fully reflects the values ​​of 158 Studio, focusing on an aesthetic with an elegant and contemporary character , with attention to the smallest details and at the service of an exhibition that enhances creations with an innovative design .

“How many photos have I seen taken in front of this chessboard. How many boyfriends and husbands intent on immortalizing the pose, the right smile, at the right moment. Under the sun, the moon, the fireworks or the rain at the end of September. How many photos taken together with my clients, for my clients. In memory of Sorrento ”.


The display of the space dedicated to high-end costume jewelery changes constantly, sparking the curiosity of the tourists who populate Sorrento in the summer months and of the most loyal customers, thus playing on a constant "wonder" effect.

The window display showcases the new collections and combines new shapes and colours. Studied down to the smallest detail, behind the reflection of the glass, under the warm lights of 158 Studio.
And it's pure magic.

Inside the boutique you will be able to touch the jewels on display first-hand and appreciate the study and research behind the selection of each individual collection.